Green Point Stadium and Urban Park

Green Point, Cape Town

The brief is incapsulated in the City of Cape Town’s long-standing vision for the common:

To transform what had become a dysfunctional public open space into a vibrant public amenity and destination point for the people of the Cape Metropole; through the construction of a high quality multi-functional park that would contribute to the identity and overall regeneration of the Cape Town city bowl; as well as the well-used Green Point and Sea Point beachfront.

The decision to locate the Cape Town Stadium on a portion of the 108-year old Metropolitan Golf Course necessitated the reconfiguration of the 105 hectare Green Point Common. The 2010 World Soccer event further became the catalyst to realise the City’s long-standing vision to reconstruct what had become a dreary, windswept, dysfunctional common into a vibrant public open space amenity.

OvP Landscape Architect’s involvement extended over a period of seven years from being part of the inter-disciplinary team who won the international competition for the stadium design in 2006 to the completion of the old stadium upgrade due in June 2013. The brief called for robust multi-functional public spaces that ties within the surrounding urban fabric, provided for internal continuity and spatial coherence and ensures that Cape Town benefits from the World Cup legacy in the form of an extensive public park.

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